MDR Tour 2016 starts on April 1st

April 1st sees the kick off of our second, Europe wide tour featuring the label head himself and his mates Answer Code Request, Anthony Par [...]

MDR 020 by Wrong Copy now available at Hard Wax

First release in 2016: MDR 020 by Wrong Copy is available from today 8th of February 2016 at our personal record store Hard Wax. Klick he [...]


Marcel recently found this remix from 2008… which was not released digitally yet… it’s now yours to download for a limited [...]

MDR 015 & MDR 018 now available at Hard Wax

21st of October is double release day: MDR 015 by Sa Pa is coming along with MDR 018 by Answer Code Request. You can listen and buy both at [...]

MDR 017 by Ryan James Ford out now

From today (17.08.2015) MDR 017 by Ryan James Ford is available on Vinyl and MP3 at Hard Wax.  MDR 015 is running late but coming hard and [...]

a three-way conversation by Dettmann, ACR and Kobosil for Electronic Beats

Without giving in to hyperbole, it’s fair to say that Marcel Dettmann has played a defining role in contemporary techno through his work [...]

Beats in space radioshow w/ Marcel and Anthony

While stopping by in New York Marcel did a radioshow at Beats in Space together with Anthony Parasole. Today it was released, you can listen [...]

The Independent’s questions about the compilation

Ahead of the closing set at Bloc. Weekend, The Independent spoke about the compilation and how Marcel Dettmann always had such a release in [...]

Marcel Dettmann recommends the Zenker Brothers’ Immersion

Marcel Dettmann recommends the Zenker Brothers’ Immersion on Electronic Beats Magazin. The Zenker Brothers represent a new generation of G [...]

RA streams the new MDR Compilation

After dropping the compilation our friends from Resident Advisor give you the opportunity to listen to all the brand new tracks. Take a snea [...]

MDR Compilation out now!

We hereby proudly announce the release of MDR 016 – the MDR Compilation 2015. This eight-song-collection contains previously undisclos [...]

Win A Load of Marcel Dettmann Records Goodness

Fabric London is holding a nice competition according to the MDR tour stop on 7th of March. The question is easy, the prizes are great, the [...]

Fabric is catching up with Answer Code Request

Fabric London was having a nice little chat with Answer Code Request. But talk is cheap, music matters – so he produced a special Fabr [...]

Answer Code Request live at Boiler Room

On 24th of February Boiler Room London was inviting Answer Code Request to bring on one of his live sets. He followed and delivered, just ha [...]

Listen and dance at the MDR Tour 2015

Starting on 6th of March MDR is touring Europe an the US. Marcel Dettmann is collecting friends, label partners and musicians to gather behi [...]

Coming soon: MDR Compilation

We proudly announce the release of MDR 016 – MDR Compilation 2015, a collection of unreleased music from Marcel Dettmann Records. The [...]

XLR8R and RA announce MDR compilation

XLR8R magazine and Resident Advisor take a sneak peak on the upcoming MDR compilation and the attending tour. Read on XLR8R here, find the a [...]

Bunker Interview 009: Milton Bradley

There is no doubt about it, Milton Bradley is a true stalwart of Berlin’s and Europe’s ever expanding techno scene. A household name nex [...]

Now It’s Dark magazine interviews FBK

Although you might not know it looking at lineups for the larger-scale electronic events in the city, Columbus is home to two respected prod [...]

XLR8R Podcast 375 by Anthony Parasole

One of Brooklyn’s finest pilots a thoughtfully diverse journey to the dancefloor and back. Read the full article here. Download MP3 he [...]
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