XLR8R: Dettmann’s five keys to being a good DJ

Marcel Dettmann is an excellent DJ. At this point, it would be difficult to find pretty much anyone who would dispute that notion. After all, the veteran German spinner has long served as a resident DJ at Berghain, and this week, another of the world’s most famous clubs, London’s Fabric, has put Dettmann at the helm of the latest installment of its esteemed mix series. (For those odd few that remain unimpressed by these credentials, Dettmann’s XLR8R podcast from last year still serves as concrete proof of his talents.) With two decades of experience under his belt, Dettmann has a wealth of knowledge to draw upon, which is why we inquired if he would be willing to share a bit of it for our ‚Artist Tips‘ series. Often times, these articles center around artists‘ work in the studio, but for this edition, we asked Dettmann to focus on how to succeed in the confines of the DJ booth. His suggestions here are more philosophical than technical, but we’re betting that aspiring DJs will find them plenty helpful all the same.

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